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Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010

Exchange 2010 and more

We deliver you an Office in the CloudTM

Office in the Cloud means you get full-featured Exchange 2010 service plus:

  • Expert, technically certified support staff available 24x7 with an average phone hold time of under 60 seconds
  • A Cloud ConciergeTM migration team to securely transition the information in your on-premise servers or current cloud provider to Intermedia’s Exchange hosting
  • Total control of your services and security options through our intuitive web-based control panel and mobile apps
  • Mobile freedom with support for email, calendar and contacts on virtually any smartphone or tablet - from iPhone and iPad through Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and more
  • Enterprise-grade security in our world-class datacenters and a 99.999% uptime service level agreement
  • Timesaving, business-protecting “only from Intermedia” benefits such as SpamStopper, VirusStopper, and Outlook Backup tools

Office in the Cloud plans include additional collaboration, security, and compliance options you can tailor to your business, from Lync instant messaging to email encryption.

Compare VTS to other providers

How does VTS's Office in the Cloud approach to Exchange hosting stack up to other providers? Compare the big three options with this chart.

Office 365
Google Apps

Migration Support
Free certified Cloud ConciergeTM migrates every new customer
24/7 phone support
Online migration toolkit available for self migrations
Online migration toolkit, discussion forum and 24/7 phone support
Online migration toolkit and discussion forum support

Tech Support
24x7 email and phone support with average phone hold time of less than one minute
Built in support ticketing system in Intermedia HostPilot® Control Panel
Microsoft certified support specialists
Online KnowledgeBase
24x7 email and phone support (higher-end plans only); phone response time undocumented
Built in support ticketing system in control panel
Microsoft certified support specialists
Online forum
24/7 phone support not available except for escalated issues; email support Mon-Fri, 24 hours a day
Built in support ticketing system in control panel
Online forum


Management Control Panel
Customers able to provision users and manage settings for Intermedia's proprietary services as well as Microsoft-based and third-party services
Supports all browsers
Does not support Chrome browser
Supports all browsers

End-user Controls
My Services available in Outlook to change common settings for users' services and update passwords, reducing administration load
Granular set of permissions controlled by the administrator; ability to manage all services enabled and request additional ones
Controls available through Outlook Web App interface. Functions are Exchange- oriented and do not include BlackBerry
Limited permissions and functionality

Reliability and Security

Policy-based Encryption add-on available; includes templates for HIPAA compliance
Wipe ActiveSync and BlackBerry mobile devices in case of lost or theft; Supports multiple BB policies
Policy-based Encryption add-on available; not preconfigured for compliance needs
Wipe ActiveSync devices only
Google Message Encryption service available
Wipe ActiveSync devices; BlackBerry device wipe requires BES

Operations: SLA and Location
of Data
4 US-based datacenters and 1 datacenter in UK for EU customers
SaS 70 Type II Audited; 99.999% SLA
Uses several independent datacenters located in different parts of the world
99.9% SLA
Does not reveal which of its global datacenters are used
99.9% SLA

Services offered

Support for full range of smartphones and tablets, including ActiveSync (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 7) and BlackBerry BIS and BES
Support for ActiveSync devices; BlackBerry support limited to BIS
Support for ActiveSync devices; BlackBerry support requires BES or downloadable apps from Google

Supported Mail Platforms
25 GB or unlimited storage options; message size limit 50 MB
Enterprise version of Exchange 2010 (latest version); Outlook 2010 available for $1 per user per month
Storage max 25 GB; message size limit 25 MB
Hosted version of Exchange 2010 (latest version); Outlook 2010 available on higher-end plans
Storage max 25 GB; message size limit 25 MB
Gmail connects with basic Pop or IMAP connection for mobile and Outlook; Gmail Business Plans are based off the same free Gmail service

Public Folders
Public Folders available
Public Folders not available
Public Folders suported via Google Groups

Microsoft Outlook
Exchange 2010 enables full support of Microsoft Outlook® 2010 features such as improved calendaring and conversation view
Outlook Web App (enhanced web access available with Exchange 2010)
Microsoft Outlook® 2011 for MAC available
Exchange 2010 enables full support of Microsoft Outlook® 2010 features such as improved calendaring and conversation view
Outlook Web App (enhanced web access available with Exchange 2010)
Microsoft Outlook® 2011 for MAC available
Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook® is a plug-in for Outlook 2003, 2007, or 2010; however, there are limitations and synchronization issues between the two

Microsoft Office Web Apps
Not available; customers use their own Microsoft Office software
Available; expires upon contract termination
Not available; customers use Google Docs or their own Microsoft Office software

Collaboration and File
Lync, document sharing and pc backup
Lync, SharePoint
Google IM, Docs and Cloud Connect services

Archiving available (basic and compliant); Supports all third party cloud archivers
Archiving available
Archiving available

Expert Migration

Our Cloud Conciergeâ„¢ service includes a dedicated team to get the job done. They’ll develop and execute a custom migration plan, assuring you securely transition to the cloud at a pace you determine.

Instead of suffering through thankless weekends in the office managing a migration on your own, then weeks of 'teething pains' with a new system, let Intermedia take care of everything.

  • After you sign up, a Cloud Concierge team member will call you to discuss your migration needs.
  • You then schedule the migration, which our experts complete, using our proprietary tools.
  • Once migrated, we'll manage your cloud services 24x7 and give you a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

We know that managing on-premise servers or "do it yourself" cloud providers can be painful for IT departments, so we make it easy. This outstanding support is what has made Intermedia the world's most trusted cloud services provider - and the largest provider of Microsoft Exchange hosting.


Our team and proprietary tools Together make migration simple

The Cloud Concierge team combines experience and a set of proprietary tools to migrate hundreds of companies and over 10,000 users per month. Looking at your Exchange environment specifically, we use proprietary tools to import:

  • On-premise Active Directory, including all individual user information, the Global Address list, and distribution lists.
  • Each of your individual user's mailbox data, including emails, calendar items, task lists and TestimonialPersonal contacts.

Our set up is rapid, but you set the pace and "cut over" time:

  • Start using our Exchange hosting service right away in an emergency. For an average 200 user company, we can import Active Directory data in less than 60 minutes.
  • Data migration time ranges. Depending on the quantity of data and Internet pipe, it takes between a few hours or a few days to migrate content.


Expert support from Intermedia

“Do it yourself” cloud providers ask you to make do with online support forums, or in other cases reserve human contact for major issues impacting most or all of your users.

At Intermedia, we believe 24x7 support is a critical element of delivering Exchange hosting and other cloud services. Companies rely on us for their most critical business communications. We are dedicated to the highest levels of service and support including:

  • Providing live support with one of our certified technical staff members on the phone, on average, in less than 60 seconds to customers worldwide. Support is also available 24x7 by email.
  • Giving customers control via our proprietary HostPilot® Control Panel to easily add or delete users, distribution lists, mobile devices or company contacts anytime, via the web.
  • Continuing our commitment to being one of Microsoft’s leading Gold Certified partners with a premium Microsoft support contract.
  • Offering free migrations to new customers, minimizing disruptions and preserving the full value of their existing Exchange data.

With our Office in the CloudTM plans, support is a phone call away with an average hold time of less than 60 seconds - a level of service that beats executive support at Fortune 500 companies.


A fully-secure, world-class Exchange environment

When you entrust your company's critical data to VTS, you can be confident that your information is fully secure.


Security features

Security controls extend across every aspect of our business including:

  • Data replication

    In addition to regular backups, Intermedia replicates Exchange 2010 data in real time from one set of premium hardware to another. This protects the critical information your business keeps within Exchange, even in the event of hardware failure or database corruption. It also enables Intermedia to rapidly restore the full functionality of your Exchange environment should an issue occur.

  • Multi-tenant platform security

    Multiple redundant, enterprise-class firewall systems integrate firewall, VPN and traffic management to prevent unwarranted intrusions and ensure only authorized users access your Exchange environment. We also use an intrusion detection system (IDS) to detect malicious network traffic and computer usage that often cannot be caught by a conventional firewall.

  • Physical security

    We invest a great deal more in physical security than most IT organizations could ever afford. Each of our five premium datacenters (four US-based, one UK-based) is closely monitored and guarded 24x7x365 with sophisticated pan/tilt closed-circuit TVs. Secure access is strictly enforced using the very latest technology, including electronic man-trap devices between lobby and datacenter, motion sensors, and controlled ID key-cards. Security guards are stationed at every entrance to the site.

  • Email security and continuity

    Intermedia offers a full suite of products that provides our customers with secure and always available email:

    • Antispam:All Intermedia Exchange accounts include SpamStopperâ„¢, our advanced antispam software, to provide the ultimate in spam protection at no cost.
    • VirusStopper:Intermedia provides comprehensive managed antivirus protection of all Exchange mailboxes, free of charge. This advanced software catches 99.999 percent of all viruses that could potentially infiltrate and harm your mailboxes and Exchange environment.
    • Content filtering:Exchange customers can limit email content to comply with acceptable business use policies, company, state and federal communications regulations.
    • Encrypted mail:Email between mailboxes on our system is natively encrypted. Clients can also use our Secure Mail to communicate externally with military-grade encryption of email and attachments.
  • SOC 2 Type II certification

    Intermedia is SOC 2 Type II audited annually by an independent third party, attesting to our gold standard for security, confidentiality, processing integrity, availability and privacy.

  • PCI compliance

    Intermedia has passed the strict testing procedures to be PCI compliant. This assures credit card payments processed through a hosted site are secure from fraud and data compromise.

  • Dedicated security staff and employee controls

    Intermedia offers a dedicated, full-time security staff, led by a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) analyst. Every employee, regardless of their role, undergoes a rigorous background check.

    Employee access to passwords, encryption keys and electronic credentials is also strictly controlled.


Ultimate mobile freedom

Work freely from any desktop, smartphone or tablet. VTS provides anywhere access to you and your employees.



VTS's hosted ActiveSync service gives your staff instant, anywhere access to their email from a wide range of devices, including iPhone, iPad, as well as the latest Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphones, plus many others.

ActiveSync's instant push technology keeps your employees' devices constantly synced and updated with the latest email, calendar and contact data. Hosted ActiveSync means that we manage the entire service for you from our world-class datacenters. While other companies charge a premium for the setup, maintenance, updates and patches - Intermedia does it all free of charge.


Benefits of Exchange access through ActiveSync on your mobile device include:
  • Constantly synced email, calendars, contacts and more
  • More secure access than provided by IMAP / POP3 functionality
  • Ability to remotely delete any corporate email or data if the device is lost or stolen




BlackBerry hosting from Intermedia provides you with real-time wireless connectivity to your hosted Exchange server, for true wireless 'push' email on your BlackBerry smartphone. With BlackBerry hosting, you get two-way, wireless synchronization of your email, calendar, contacts and tasks between your BlackBerry smartphone and your Intermedia hosted Exchange service, without any additional hardware or software to purchase.

With BlackBerry Hosting from Intermedia, you and your organization can unlock the full potential of your BlackBerry smartphones. Unlike the basic BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) provided by your mobile carrier, BlackBerry hosting provides real-time wireless synchronization of everything in your Outlook desktop to your smartphone.



Outlook Web App

In addition to the full version of Outlook on your PC, you can also access your account on-the-go with Outlook Wep App (OWA).
OWA with Exchange 2010 provides a complete mail client experience in the browser. Manage your contacts, calendar, and email just like you are at your primary desktop, and all your changes will be synced to your desktop Outlook software and your mobile devices instantly.
OWA is a full-featured, web-based email client with the look and feel of the Outlook client. With OWA, users can access their mailboxes from any Internet connection regardless of whether or not the computer is equipped with Outlook.
OWA provides most of the same functionality found in Outlook, including the familiar, easy-to-use interface, and the essential tools needed to create professional email (spell check, signatures, HTML support and more).
In addition to email, OWA allows users to access their calendars, contacts, tasks and folders through a secure connection, just like they would in the office. Users can also search their old email, set up or edit out of office notifications, manage junk mail settings, and more.
OWA also supports a wide range of file types including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, PDF files and more. With OWA, users can access these file types even if the program the file is derived from isn't installed on their computer.


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